Bishop John Shelby Spong November 4-5, 2011


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Please note that the date of Bishop Spong's lecture series has changed  to the weekend of November 4th & 5th.  Out of town visitors should consider making room reservations as soon as possible, because there are Samford and Birmingham Southern football games on this weekend. 

The weekend lectures were held at South Side Baptist Church located at 1016  19th Street South in Downtown Birmingham, AL.

BIRMINGHAM -- Overall Title: Eternal Life

Friday night at 7:00 PM

Developing a New Angle of Vision -- The old symbols are based on pre-suppositions no longer widely believed.  We must separate the quest for eternity from those symbols.

Saturday morning 9:00 AM until 12:30 PM

The Interconnectedness of Life and the Birth of Self-Consciousness -- From a single cell of life we have journeyed in our evolving history into self-consciousness.

Jesus - A Step Beyond Self-Consciousness into a Universal Consciousness -- Entering the mystical experience at the heart of life and meeting eternity.

TUPELO -- Overall Title: "Jesus for the Non-Religious"

Sunday Afternoon - The Link Centre - November 6, 2011
2:00 PM --   "Human Life: Fallen or Incomplete?"
4:00 PM --    "Salvation: Rescue from a Fall or Expansion of our Humanity?"