News Release: January 24, 2011
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South Points Association For Exploring Religion
P. O. Box 130267
Birmingham, AL  35213

January 24, 2011


(For Immediate Release)

JimHighBirmingham, AL :  At its Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, January 8th, Jim High of Tupelo, Mississippi, was elected President of SPAFER, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which was formed in 2000 by Ken Forbes, Burdett Wantland, and several others from Birmingham, who following informal conversations at a Jesus Seminar, felt the need to have a forum in the Mid-South to discuss and explore religious questions and issues that orthodoxy does not seem to address. SPAFER is composed of a group of individuals in the Mid-South area who enjoy meeting periodically and discussing religious issues in a free and respectful atmosphere. SPAFER also from time to time sponsors speakers who provide different and stimulating insights into religious questions. For example such speakers as Bishop John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, Amy Jill Levine, Delwin Brown, Hal Taussig, Steve Patterson, Barbara Brown Taylor, Ursula Goodenough, Brandon Scott, Martin Marty, James M. Robinson, Bart Ehrman, and others have come to Birmingham to speak at SPAFER’s Spring and Fall Conferences over the past 10 years.

On the weekend of March 4th and 5th of this year the speaker will be Dr. Wayne Flynt of Auburn University, who will talk on the topic – The South’s Battle Over God.  The Conference will be held at Southside Baptist Church in Downtown Birmingham.  More information and registration information can be found at SPAFER’s web-site at   And in October of this year Bishop John Shelby Spong will return for the third time to speak at SPAFER’s Fall Weekend.

Jim High is SPAFER’s fourth President following Ken Forbes, Ernie Stokley and Frank Romanowicz, and the first President not from the immediate Birmingham area.  High is the leader of the two year old monthly SPAFER RoadHouse grathering held in Tupelo on the first Saturday of each month.

On assuming the Presidency High stated, “My goal is to increase the number of members of SPAFER, to provide more opportunities for RoadHouse meetings to develop, and to continue our tradition of bringing the top speakers in the county to Birmingham for our Spring and Fall Weekend Conferences.”

For More Information Contact:  Jim High – Cell # 662-401-1932