Mission Statement
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The Southern Progressive Alliance for Exploring Religion (SPAFER) is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 membership organization for those who wish to enjoy fellowship and intellectual stimulation with others as we together explore and seek a more meaningful understanding of religion.

SPAFER carries out this mission in multiple ways, such as.....
• Providing individuals with continuing education opportunities and with the intellectual resources from the religious scholarship of the last 150+ years about the Bible, the Christian religion and other forms of religious practice.  Many find SPAFER helpful in their self-directed search for better and more meaningful understanding of all religions. 

• Maintaining a website at  www.spafer.org  where a list of past lecturers and upcoming speakers can be found, as well as useful information, articles and links to other websites of interest to our members can be found.

• Creating community at convenient points throughout the Mid-South through participation in small local group monthly discussions called "RoadHouses," and occasional regional retreats where one's expressions and thoughts will be received with respect.  The meetings provide educational opportunities, fellowship, and fun for those who have difficulty with religious orthodoxy. 

• Publishing newsletters and small booklets, for example our E-mail Newsletter and the printed SPAFER Oasis publication.

• Promoting an atmosphere of caring and understanding while providing a space for dialogue and study with diverse people while attending our Spring and Fall Lectures in Birmingham or monthly RoadHouse groups throughout the Mid-South, all of which are conducted in a safe atmosphere of caring and understanding.